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Impenetrable Black Square
I Am Going to Add My Crazy to the Pot 
5th-May-2014 01:57 pm
So, I went to see "Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier."  I'll tell you what I told my daughter as soon as it was over.  1). Not as good as "The Avengers," whatever they say.  2). Not enough Arnim Zola.

What interested me most, actually, was the first end credits scene, the one with Baron von Strucker, but Baron von Strucker wasn't the one who interested me.

This is the crazy part.  I wanted to know who the OTHER guy was who Baron von Strucker was talking to in that scene.  He's played (unless I am completely wrong) by a very fine British actor named Henry Goodman.  He could be no one important at all, some Hydra flunkey, but could he be playing Herbert Wyndham, some day to be The High Evolutionary?

Baron von Strucker says that this is the age of "miracles." Coincidence? The panel above is the first appearance of the High Evolutionary (in Thor #134) and there is that word "miracle" in the narration box.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), as of this scene, now has a Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.  Because of legal complications with the sale of the X-Men to Fox, Marvel can't use "mutants" to explain their powers.  But what if Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch aren't mutants?  What if, as the scene at the end of "The Winter Soldier" seems to imply, they were created by Hydra using the power of Loki's staff?  What if Loki's staff is the source of the High Evolutionary's ability to evolve his test subjects in the MCU?  To create "miracles"?

The High Evolutionary has an established comic book link to Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.  Plus, he is the one who will give the Soul Gem to Adam Warlock.  The Soul Gem is one of the stones Thanos requires to complete the Infinity Gauntlet (which open speculation suggests the entire MCU corpus is leading up to).  Where did the High Evolutionary get it?  In the MCU the answer is: from Loki's staff (which the fannish have been theorizing is one of the Gauntlet gems).

Wild speculation here.  If you need a story for "Thor 3" with an Earthbound Thor, you could run with the events of Thor #134-135 with the High Evolutuionary, Wundagore and the New Men.  In the comic books, HE had nothing at all to do with Hydra, but if you want to make it Thor's part of Hydra clean-up in the wake of "The Winter Soldier," so be it.  (You could bring along Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch, if you wanted to.)  HE and the New Men leave Earth at the end of that story, which could serve as the connection between the Earthbound and Spacebound halves of the MCU.  You could follow "Thor 3" up with an Adam Warlock movie OR a "Guardians of the Galaxy 2" introducing Adam Warlock and possibly involving the High Evolutionary's creation of Counter-Earth.

Or this could be nothing at all.
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