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Impenetrable Black Square
The APA of the Damned (1989-1993) 
17th-Jun-2013 01:59 pm
June 2013 is the twentieth anniversary of the final issue of The APA of the Damned.

There truly is no call to remember it and I'm not planning on making a big deal about it.  The APA of the Damned was a sort of "rump" of the Turbo-Charged Party-Animal APA which had been publishing monthly since about July 1986.  It had become something of a duty and a slog, so in April 1989 a small band of Turbo-Charger ex-pats took it on the lam and created The APA of the Damned #1, with an "exquisite corpse" cover drawn by the founding cabal.  ("Ardent Sex Parasite" #5 in the Turbo-Charged Party-Animal APA #33 (March 1989) actually describes the creation of the cover of APA of the Damned #1.)

To say that it was published on an erratic schedule would be kind.  Five issues were published in 1989, four apiece in 1990, 1991 and 1992, and only two in 1993, for a grand total of nineteen.  Purely for historical interest, I will record the date of each issue of the APA: 1 (April 1989), 2 (June 1989), 3 (August 1989), 4 (October 1989), 5 (December 1989), 6 (March 1990), 7 (May 1990), 8 (August 1990), 9 (December 1990), 10 (February 1991), 11 (June 1991), 12 (September 1991), 13 (November 1991), 14 (January 1992), 15 (March 1992), 16 (June 1992), 17 (September 1992), 18 (February 1993), 19 (June 1993).  The APA was officially disbanded in September 1993 when no one, not even the OE, managed to make the deadline for issue #20.

You can see from the chronology what sort of things would have been covered by discussions in the APA: world events such as the Clarence Thomas hearings and the Parsons-Becker nuptials, as well as such period cultural touchstones as "Twin Peaks," Tim Burton's "Batman," Ren & Stimpy, and MTV's "Liquid Television."  That it had its moment was nice enough; that it chose not to outlive its moment (by more than one or two issues) should be its proudest achievement.
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