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Impenetrable Black Square
pronounced licks (for Spike) 
23rd-May-2013 04:07 pm

tiny white flowers                                in numerous small
umbels seen                                         run waving lorn

arms wilderness                                   star-riven Life-of-man

easily grown                                        in my leaping-time

extinction danger where                      hogs roam singing

each to each                                         a song of

unbearable sweetness                          their own religion

encourages sweating                           like two opossums

of unbearable sweetness                     Caesar none better

bards disappoint dream                       gatefolds papal

sarsaparilla real writ                          in nard in obscene

sobriety on white                                thighs and belly

pray and burn                                     arranged waterfall in
long terminal panicles                        nothing but

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